When you think of websites, you think of web pages that are intended and designed to be read by human visitors.  But another kind of web page is a web service, which is web content usually delivered by HTTP that is not intended to be read directly by humans but by other websites or software programs.  Web services are usually delivered in a form of XML (SOAP and WSDL are very popular XML variants for web services).  A web site can subscribe to the web service and use the information from the service as part of its own presentation.  Web services can also accept parameters from the client program or website and send back data specific to the parameters; for example, a website can send a ZIP code to a weather web service and the service will send back all the weather information for that area.  If you learn how to use web services, you can share your information with others, and get useful information from other sources so you will not have to gather and store it yourself.   You can also create multi-part apps that use the web service to connect to the internet.  In this post series I will tell you some ways you can think about using website service technology.

(Image Note: Web service can share weather info)


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