1.  Subscribe to a public web service.  You may want to use weather, sports scores, or currency conversion information for your web presentation.  This is information that is constantly changing and includes a huge amount of data.  You don抰 want to spend all your time collecting and updating this information, especially since these are common requirements of many websites.  There are public web services available that can serve you this information, often for free.  A dynamic website can request up-to-date information from the web service as needed, and no local storage is required.  See this directory of web services for examples of what is available.

2.  Publish your own public web service.  This is a great way to allow other websites to share your special content.  Just about any web programming language can be used to generate an XML file that can be used as a web service.  For example, if you have a food recipe website, you can let other websites send you the name of an ingredient and you can send them a list of links to all the recipes you have that use that ingredient.  That will give the client web site a bigger variety of links and it will give you more chances to share your knowledge.

(Image Note: Share your information with a web service)


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