3.  Design a live desktop application.  Users and developers often think of desktop (non-web) applications as being offline, but with a web service your desktop app can have live data and your user can even push information onto the web with the web service.  The user can have all the benefits of having an application running locally, but can get information as needed from the web.  The programming also should be very simple, since the web service sends back XML that is very easy to read, parse, and understand.   In this case, you can design the web service along with the desktop app, and your web service will be the interface between the user and the internet.

4.  Create a multi-tiered business website with web services.  Enterprise web software can be designed in multiple tiers, with the database on one server, the website on another server, and another server can process and deliver data from the database to the web server using web services.  Because of this, many front end web servers can connect to the same web services and share the information and processing.  Also, website UI technology like Microsoft Silverlight can use the web service to update reports in real time without page refreshing, so the user gets a very smooth web experience.

(Image Note: Web service brings online data to a local app)

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